Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hurray for Rain!

Today is a rainy day. Finally.
Nathanael and I have been hoping for rain for a while now. For weeks there have only been slight sprinkles mixed in with the ever increasing temperatures (in the 80Fs lately). 

So, a week ago Saturday (the 19th) we tried our best to provide water to the garden during our visit, though the soil dries into white concrete right before your eyes. Up to that point the germination had been disappointingly low.

Last Saturday the beets were one of the only things looking ok.

And most things that had germinated (except the beets) were being devoured by fire ants and their little aphid friends. Including me, incidentally...though not by aphids...I do move more quickly than that.

 We decided to start our Solanums (Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants, etc.) in trays, so they could receive more constant moisture and better soil in which to start life.

So they are looking rather sprightly, and will probably be ahead of the game (weeds and ants) when we plant them in a week or two.

Much to our elation, after watering throughly a few times last week, things were looking much better when we returned this past Saturday (the 26th).

 More bonus points* to the person who guesses what these little plants are....they're one of the ones I am the most excited about. (Reference our display of seed packets for a hint.)

We had previously picked a little bit of mustard greens and dwarf pak choy

A Chinese Chicken and Pak Choy I made for a quick dinner.

but this time we we able to pick more of each of those, thin the beets (and take the lovely beet greens), and also harvest lots of lettuce and spinach.

I think beet greens are so beautiful.

Their color is even more brilliant when they are sauted,


but we prefer them raw, mixed with our lettuces and spinach for a big colorful salad.

On Sunday we returned to finish planting all of the Cucurbits (Melons, Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds, Cucumbers, etc.), and many of the plants had grown buy 1/2 or more since the previous day! All of that watering paid off, so hopefully the current torrential downpour will also encourage our little plants to flourish rather than wash away.

It is so strange to not only be gardening in March, but to be harvesting too!

Are you planning a garden, planting seeds, or anticipating particular produce at the farmer's market?

*The mystery seeds on Monday were Black Mustard, Fennel, and Urad Dal. Congratulations Melissa for guessing two out of three. You've earned two bonus points and have been rewarded with a button for your shop in my side bar.*


  1. Great pics, it's lovely to see everything coming to life. Spring seems to be off to a slow start with us, hoping that the rain we're supposed to get over the next few days will help move things along.

  2. That salad looks so pretty. I can't believe it's been in the 80s where you are! It's still cold here, and actually threatened to snow a couple of days this week, though nothing much materialized. Wow. 80s. Will try to control my jealousy ;)

  3. those seedlings look good! it is great that you can get an early start on yours, we are getting 6 inches of snow friday so I am glad that there has been no planting yet. keep us updated on how the garden does this year!

  4. You make gardening look so fun! Hope your crops turn out great.


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