Monday, March 28, 2011

Golden: Orange Goings On

Between last week and the beginning of this one there has been a bit of orange here and there. 
We devoured a perfectly ripe cantaloupe (after it was refrigerated to optimum coolness), and yesterday finished planting our three varieties of cantaloupe in our garden...I hope they are as tasty as this one was.

I played play dough with a wonderful two year old friend, and while we were making creatures she went into the kitchen to ask her mom for some seeds. Then she crafted this friendly orange snake. (Name those seeds for bonus points!)

 And we also enjoyed carrot pasta sauce, one of our favorite and simplest foods, so I took the opportunity to update last year's recipe post with some fresh new pictures to make you hungry.

And check out Flex Family Arts today, where Amanda likes to blog about etsy shops which haven't had a lot of traffic yet, and today she's featuring Harmless Color with a shop interview!


  1. All great orangey things! I love playing play dough with my nieces and nephews (and it warms my heart a bit that they still really like arts and crafts activities even though they have an ipad and video games.

  2. The cantaloupe looks yummy! And play dough is definitely a favorite at my house too!

  3. I like bonus points! :-) Mustard, Corn and Fennel?


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