Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music I Love: Free in March

I have been trying to post every other day, but today I got inspired by all of the free music I have come across lately and I wanted to share it with you right now. I also love google's changes to Blogger this morning, so check out the link to the fun new features at the bottom.

Sleeping at Last is a band doing something a little different, advertising by word of mouth mostly on facebook (which is how I found them, so I guess it's working), offering a lot of free songs, and not coming out with 10 song feature albums. Instead they have a project they are calling "Yearbook" where they are releasing a 3 song EP each month. Their songs are mostly soft and some sound a bit sad, but all are perfectly poetic and laced with hope. The free sampler includes one of my very favorite songs, the upbeat "Next To Me". Another of my favorites (not on the sampler) is January White which you can listen to on their facebook page, where they share three more free songs. The also release each month's EP for streaming on Relevant, complete with the beautiful watercolor cover. Their January EP is bedecked with a narwhal, so how could you not be a fan?

When You Grow Up --Priscilla Ahn

I discovered Priscilla Ahn one day because her album, A Good Day, was on sale on itunes and I bought it on impulse because I liked the cover and the song previews. It soon became one of my favorite albums; it is full of word pictures to exercise my imagination. She will be releasing her next album, When You Grow Up, in May, but the EP is free on her website for a limited time to help us anticipate happily.

Winter Night

You've probably heard (and seen) Little and Ashley on the kindle commercials, either on TV or when I posted them. Since Amazon featured them, they also have been offering those songs for free on amazon. Right now the one from the Holiday ad is free, which is seems like strange timing to me, but I'll just save it in my Christmas playlist and appreciate the generosity.
(*All album pictures are from the linked sources.*)

Other Artists you might want to check out on NoiseTrade:
Katie HerzigHannah Miller, Andrew Ripp, and Seth Slay.

Finally, the new Blogger feature is called Views. Try it out the 5 views on Harmless Color!
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  1. Priscilla Ahn is definitely a good choice! I watched her perform in Manhattan two summers ago. She has this awkward charm and sings very well live.

  2. I haven't heard of the first band so will definitely check out. I do like their album art. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. i love them both. It's alway refreshing to find something I can listen to with the little ears around too.

  4. I love Sleeping At Last! they were the band at YouthQuest (BIC youth conference) some years back.


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