Friday, March 25, 2011

Golden: Flame Throwing

Don't have time to candy your peels, but still want to put them to use?
With all this talk of citrus lately, I thought I would show you something my Mom showed my sisters and me when we were little (we never played with fire, so it was no danger). Every so often, when we were eating oranges she would get out a candle.


Look at all of that great smelling oil squirting out.
And to think, it would have just gone to waste.

Did your Mom teach you this?

*Attempt at your own risk. Adult supervision recommended 
(But it's about as dangerous as burning a candle in the first place.)*


  1. Dude, that's AWESOME. I'm getting a candle and an orange right now.

    And no, my mom didn't teach me that. She's missing out!

  2. I think I'll actually have to teach that one TO my mom, after I do my own motherly duty of showing my kids. How cool!

  3. I am going to do that right now! I have beautiful thick skinned oranges...

  4. Wow! I had no idea - does the smell permeate the room? I'll have to try this when I go home and amaze my husband :-)

  5. My mother loves to do this! She showed it to me when I was a kid -- all to the dismay of my father.


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