Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the crayonbox

I have a lot of ambitions. Two of them (which really is quite few) combined to form the concept behind the title of this new blog. But, since these themes are likely to be frequently showcased here, I thought it was appropriate.
The first is to eat healthfully and enjoy it. Crafting delicious food is something I truly revel in. Lately I have been exploring a wider variety of ingredients (partially an advantage of finding myself in a city) and cultural foods (cities also bring more international friends, and more well endowed libraries). Both of these things have livened the colors of my foods, and color on the plate not only brings a smile to your mom, but it also makes things altogether more appealing. I judge books by their covers. I judge foods by their looks. Ugly food can be delicious, but if a nutritious food is bland I have a lot more fun consuming it when it is pleasing to the eye.
The second aspiration is to find creative ways to live as a good steward. To harm less. Sometimes this will involve food, for example the months I have spent dealing with pumpkins and tomatoes that we grew ourselves. But other times, you may hear about some nutty decision that Nathanael (my husband) and I have made to reduce our impact, or some Christmas presents I plan on creating for my family (including my new brothers) out of recycled or foraged materials. We do not yet live on a goat farm in some mountainous Asian region, so it is my hope that you may find some of the creative conservation that we have stumbled upon personally applicable.
Those of you who know me well know that many of my interests besides these two are touched by my predisposition toward color, including my art, home decoration, attire, and occasionally even my talks with God. These are all sure to appear from time to time as well, but they are likely to be more minor topics.
I look forward to your questions, comments, and your camaraderie despite the distance.


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