Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cleaning up

I have always tried to use paper goods conservatively, but I am happy to announce that I have now been paper towel free for about three months. Nathanael’s family has always used rags instead of paper towels, but I wasn’t sure how this would work considering the messes that I would sometimes rather throw away than wash out. I think I have proved I was able to adhere to this challenge, however, when the kitchen compost leaked all over the floor during the time that tomato and pumpkin season overlapped. I was surprised to find that my rag, though contaminated with some of the worst smelling stuff my nose had experienced, did the job better and rinsed out quite cleanly before I tossed it in our little soiled rag bin.
Before we got married Nathanael made sure we were well supplied with four stacks of happily colored rags, costing him a total of about $5, which are now divided between our kitchen and bathroom. They should last us a good long time, saving us a bit of money and a few trees. Plus, they're rather nice to look at.

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  1. Do you use cloth napkins at every meal? I need to weave you some colorful, interesting table runners and napkins.


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