Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Memphis...and us with spots.


Back in the middle of July, Nathanael and I took a long weekend to help Nathanael's brother Gabriel and his fiance Nelly (who has since become my sister-in-law, yay!) prepare their apartment in Memphis...so they wouldn't arrive after their honeymoon and have to sleep on layers of cardboard on the floor...not that anyone would do that of course...cough cough....  

Nathanael and I are very excited that they will be moving so close.  Even though a few years ago 6 hours away did not seem "so close", now that we have lived at least 18 hours from immediate family (and 10 from some extended family) for two years, we are ecstatic to be able to drive to see them for an occasional long weekend.  Plus they're super fun!

On the way to Memphis Friday, with the help of some scrap paper, sharpies and safety pins, Nathanael and I took advantage of Cow Appreciation Day.  (Really, who could turn down a free chicken sandwich and a free reason to to wear a costume on an ordinary day?)




That baby in the background came as a farmer, and the rest of his family members were cows.  When the family was getting out of the car (really well decked out as cows), the 3 year old boy asked, "Where are we going, Mom?"
(Oh I love children!)

When we arrived, we helped with moving large pieces of furniture, and organizing...


Then we got some authentic Memphis barbecue.


These wet wipes were very necessary for eating ribs.

On Saturday morning the guys picked up a washer and drier while the girls spruced up and decorated.  Then, around lunch time we got some very good news.  This is photo shows our happiness when we got the phonecall telling us we would all be Aunts and Uncles come March.  We were so glowing that we blurred the picture.


In the afternoon we picked up some supplies at Lowe's...well, the others did; Nelly and I had better things to do.



I love how this picture shows how oblivious the rest of the family was to our escapades.
Nelly and  are going to have fun being related.

On Sunday morning we visited The Blue Plate Cafe in downtown Memphis for breakfast.  As it turns out, The Blue Plate Cafe is just the place


to be fed as though you are an army.
The egg based breakfasts for one person (breakfast burritos for example) came with sides of beans, biscuits and a stack of pancakes.


If you ever visit, you might want to split a meal with a friend...or a few friends.

After breakfast we wandered the downtown a bit and took some fun pictures.



I have no recollection of what was going on, but I thought my Mom might appreciate that one.





(This is not in downtown Memphis, but I had to sneak this one in here because it is a bit of show and tell.) Back in the apartment, this is Gabe's desk which he and Nelly topped with a layer of pennies and then epoxy. They also painted it black with copper fixtures. This picture doesn't capture how super it is.


We had such a restful and soothing weekend.
I love these people.


  1. That penny covered desk is so cool. I saw (I think on Pinterest) someone doing penny flooring.

    And it's so nice to see you and your sister-in-law are going to get along so well. It's great to see families grow, not only in size but in love and warmth (and humor!)

  2. I really liked your post about Memphis...and us with spots.


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