Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Links: Things you didn't think you could make

This weekend, I have been thinking seasonal foods.
Nathanael and I spent the day in our garden yesterday, hoping that our produce will step it up and start growing...but alas, it is only March after all.

tiny beets
A neat little pink rock I found in the garden. Completely unrelated to the subject at hand.

But not all seasonal foods are produce.

Last week I saw a couple of girls standing on the side of the road waving posters at cars speeding past, and one of the girls was dressed as a giant cookie. Know what I'm talking about? Somehow the girl scouts in our area never got around to knocking on our door. So, I was thinking of making some of those delicious minty cookies myself, and did a little searching. I have not made them yet, but I figured I should not wait to share with you how to make your own girl scout cookies. Plus, the tutorials and pictures on the website are super (here are two of them).

And with Easter approaching, Marshmallow Peeps are hitting the shelves. 
If you're ok with plain, marshmallows are pretty cheep, but Alisa Burke's blog has pictures which makes homemade ones look special and delicious. But, if you want to go all the way to the peep stage, you might have to choose bunnies or chicks.

With all of this dessert making you might want to make some vanilla. Or start a bunch of it now, and give it as Christmas gifts.

And if you don't have a garden, but are in the mood for some sprouting, why not try tempeh?(And even a tempeh video with relaxing Indonesian music in the background.) Once it's ready, you may even want to season it with some home smoked chipotle peppers....but if you're wanting to use homegrown peppers you're going to have to wait a little bit longer.

And in case you missed them, here are some things you might not have realized you could make from past posts this blog (not necessarily spring foods): YogurtRefrigerator Pickles, Kimchi, and Trail Bars


  1. you DID do a lot of research, those links are all really great that you gave. My to-do list just got a bit longer! lol
    Who knew it'd be so easy to make vanilla extract!
    And I'll be whipping up a batch of thin mints when my girl scout's supply runs out!

  2. I love that your garden is bigger then my backyard. So jealous.

  3. We still have lots of snow here -- but I can't wait out get out in the garden!

  4. All this talk of gardening and baking is making me hungry:) I somehow missed the girl scouts this year too, so maybe I'll try to make my own cookies. Also, my boyfriend would be so jealous of your garden! He has always wanted one, but we live in an apartment building in the city. Maybe some day...

  5. I made some homemade samoas a few weeks ago . . . yummmmm :-) Mine didn't really taste like the girl scout version, but dang, they were still good!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda


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