Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Links: For artists of every caliber

As some of you may have noticed, this week I added a brightly colored button in the right column linking to a blog I stumbled upon lately and thought some of you might enjoy.

All Sewn Up is written by a Mom named Melissa (not my sister, but another fun lady by the same name) from Massachusetts, who shares tips she uses to make her household more environmentally friendly and frugal, as well as some occasional recipes and craft how-tos for old and young.

She also has a fun All Sewn Up etsy shop where she sells colorful, non-toxic, olive oil dough to encourage the imaginations of kids who love to play with dough. She's developed a recipe which is a little more advanced than your typical salt-dough, leaves your hands smooth and soft, and requires no refrigeration! Go check out Melissa's neat shop!

This weekend I also want to share with you some links I've found lately, which will be especially fun for those of you who love fiddling around with interactive websites. And even if you don't typically consider yourself an artist, these links just might draw a little skill out of you. (I found the first two on the blog How About Orange?, and the last one I found on my own.)

Tartan Maker allows you to create the plaid of your dreams by moving just four little knobs and choosing three colors. And for those of us who are as distractible as a goldfish, it's hours of fun!

Design your own Wallpaper by x3 studios is perfect for those of us who fill most of our browser's "bookmarks" with places to find neat wallpapers. With intuitive controls (and no registration necessary!), you are enabled to create desktops to suit your style and color preferences, whether they be simple, modern, sophisticated, neon, or grunge. The four examples above are from the gallery featuring other users, but I did come up with my own creation using this website...the header for the blog!

Finally, for the want-to-be globe trotter who has no funds, the most famous art museums of the world at your fingertips. Google Art Project allows you to go on virtual tours of museums, click on the most popular works and view them in minute detail (even closer than you would be allowed to get in person), and also has information about the artists, collections, and related works in an information bar on the right. It is a work in progress, but so far 17 museums, and hundreds of paintings, are up for viewing. The two I chose, Pancake Week by Boris Kustodiyev, and The Emerald Necklace by Viktor Borisov, are from The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow; a museum I visited during my semester abroad. Click them, and be amazed by the unbelievable detail which is yours to view.

Yes, google may be taking over the world, but we love it, don't we?


  1. Cool links. The wallpaper one looks like fun! I had heard of the google art project but haven't had a chance to check it out. Thanks for the reminder:)

    found your blog through the etsy blog team.

  2. oops ... meant to say:

    Love your blog header.

  3. (I also found you on the etsy blog team!) Okay, that tartan designer might just be the coolest thing on the internet . . . I have a feeling I'm about to waste a loooooot of time on it! And I love the wallpaper link, too . . . great finds!

  4. That wall paper design tool is awesome. I love that style, but it is so hard to find pre-canned. thank you for sharing these links. now to go blow a few hours playing.

  5. lovelovelove your blog header. So bright and lovely. *off to check out that wallpaper thingamajig*

  6. Oh my goodness! my afternoon will now be spent visiting these links! I've given you a blog award :)


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