Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I made some things.

Yesterday Nathanael and I went out to the garden to finish up some things we hadn't had the chance to complete during our busy Saturday. We made a few new rows, but it has been to dry to break the soil appropriately for planting (i.e. the soil is concrete), so I was writing some seed names on stakes, which required me to reference the seeds. About then, Nathanael and I both realized our seeds were just too disorganized. As you can see below, they were neither functional or manageable, but more or less in two large piles (though not spilling during transportation, which is a plus).

Thus, I decided that today's project would be solving this problem. I got a box (one of many from our move and the packages we receive from family), tore all of the labels off of it and went to work. As you may begin to notice, I never actually use scrapbooking paper for creating scrapbooks, but I love to use it to decorate. After adorning the box I used some cardstock (leftover from creating our wedding invitations believe it or not--though we only used the yellow for that) to create tabs, and voila! A recipe-box-like seed organizer.


Nathanael and I are both pretty excited about how much easier this will make our planting times. 

Also this week, I decided to make use of some of the blue jeans I have been collecting and make a thick, durable potholder. Nathanael's old black Singer sewing machine is pretty powerful to make it through all of these layers! Some parts of it required some seam-ripping and redesigning as I went, but I am pretty happy with the finished product and it is now listed in my shop. (See link at top left for shop listing and larger versions of the potholder pictures.)

 And finally, remember the rice bags I made at Christmas time? One of my friends really liked them and commisioned me to make one so she could use it instead of a heating pad for her TMJ. And since the rice bag has no plastic parts, it's a great way to reduce the footprint of an ailment. Here's what I created for her...

(The pictures taken on my jungle table cloth are of the rice bag before I filled it with some local popcorn rice.) I put some other little edible treats in the box too, because if you're going to pay for shipping, why not make it delicious, right?

Have you guys been creating or renovating anything this week?


  1. Do I by any chance know your friend with TMJ??? :-) The rice bag is ADORABLE!! I love it...and I KNOW Janna's gonna love it!!

    Love you!

  2. Oh good! I'm so glad you like it.
    I am a fan of it.

  3. You sure did accomplish a lot in one day! The rice bag is so cool and organizing your seeds will make this spring a pleasure. Great Pics BTW!

  4. Wow - busy!! I love your super organization of seeds. Maybe it is time for me to seed my foxgloves and lavender? Thanks for this timely posting : )

    Thanks for visiitng our blog - going to go visit your Etsy store now.

  5. I love that you recycled the jeans for potholders! Great idea!

  6. You have certainly been busy -- great stuff! I have been doing a lot of sewing and crafts with my children -- stop by!


  7. I didn't make all of these things completely in one day, I just finished all of them on the same day. But I'm glad you liked them!
    It always feels like an accomplishment when recycled materials (or scraps in the case of the rice bag) can be used.


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