Monday, January 31, 2011

Red: Handmade Treasures

To veer away from food for a moment during our red series, I thought I would share a few of the lovely handmade items by other sellers that caught my eye on etsy this week. Please enjoy, and click any of the items if you want to get a better look. If you would like to see my red treasury full size click here.

Bangle by Taylors Eclectic Fungi print by Groundwork   
Red fox cushions by Sass and Peril Notebook by Caiffi 
Red coat print by Michele Maule Cherry lip tint by Orange Thyme 
Ahoy by Letterpress Poppy hair ornaments by AYA Wedding 
Umbrella Print by Finny & Zook Blue Bird by The Felted Pair 
Fungi Hair Ornaments by Crea Shines Faux Turquoise bead by Diva Designs 
Free as a Bird by Toni Wall Eco House Shoes by Leninka 
Cardinal in Birches by Strawberry Luna Crocheted Hat by Mary's Works


  1. This list is truly beautiful! Be on it is a prize and in the blog a double prize. Thank you very much!!! ♥♥

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much Sarah for including me in your treasury and on your blog. I have included you in my morning blog post as well at

  3. how pretty collection,
    thank you so much,
    loves from aya wedding

  4. Super cute! I love so many of the items featured here too. Thanks for including my toadstool hair pins. Your blog is fun :)

  5. I love your choices here! So vibrant :)

    Thanks so so much for including my Winter Cardinal in with these talented artists!

  6. We are delighted you've put our Ahoy letterpress print in your treasury and on your blog. What a treat! Thank you!

    thomas & heather


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