Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Handmade Christmas Gifts II

For the second instillation of Christmas gifts, I am proud to present you with...

Project #5 Penny Whistle for Seth (made by Nathanael)

   This gift may be plain in appearance, but the sound it makes is magical. Nathanael and I had a hard time giving this one away; he because he loved playing it, and I because I was constantly serenaded from the moment he carved the last hole. In general I appreciate penny whistles, but the fact that he used a low D scale on this one allows for the most lovely music. The body of the whistle was constructed out of PVC, and the inside of the mouth piece (as you can see below) is made of wax infused pine. The top of the whistle is detachable so that you can create pipes that produce different scales, while using the same mouth piece (the most time consuming portion, especially considering the time to carve the wood and boil it in wax).


I hope he makes another soon.

 Project #6 Blue Jean Potholder for my Dad

 You may recall that we made some blue jean potholders last year as well. This year I made one for my Dad to match the Blue Jean Apron Nathanael made for him last year, and also because a heavy duty potholder always comes in handy. The design is modified from last year to allow more grasping flexibility (since the fabric is so thick), and to prevent any holes from forming where the thumb meets the hand...a very important area to protect...very very important.

During the gift exchange some people voted to add eyes and teeth to make it a shark.

But even plain, it can be stylish in all sorts of settings.
Project #7 Blue Jean Apron for Nathanael's Dad (made by Nathanael)

After last year's apron for my Dad came out so stunningly (sorry, we actually posses no pictures of that one, folks), we decided Nathanael's Dad would probably love one too. Nathanael composed this rugged apron out of a single pair of jeans, in a single day. He always amazes me. The strap pulls through the sides on the upper portion of the apron, creating a completely adjustable neckline without the need for knots, and all pockets remain intact for carrying small kitchen necessities.

Nathanael's Dad is taller and more broad shouldered, so it fits him quite nicely...if you think it looks silly on Nathanael you should see it on my short self.

 This is pretty much kitchen armor you are looking at.

Isn't he skilled?


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