Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brightening Laundry Day

In September I read nine books, plus one with Nathanael. None of them were bad books, but neither did any of them live up to the expectations I had when I borrowed them from the library. This, and the fact that the refrigerator was packed with leftovers (and I am doing my best not to be addicted to cooking), prompted me to say to Nathanael on Sunday,"I am going to paint today." It was a nice idea. Unfortunately, the amazing and creative images that flash through my mind as I fall asleep dissipate before the afternoon; I was not able to think of a design for my canvas. Not wanting to waste my creative motivation, I decided to sew a clothes pin bag for myself. I needed one. No more carrying clothespins in my pockets.
 I went in search of a pattern and ended up finding a really neat design for a tear drop clothespin bag, which stays open on its own. For fabric I used a green pillow case that was torn to bits (never put a Euro pillow in a ~40yr old standard pillowcase), and some yellow floral fabric that I purchased a few years ago during a Joann Fabrics sale.
I am pretty excited about this bag.
First, because it looks really suave. I kind of want to find more uses for it and make another one. I would hang it on our door for full of candy for trick-or-treaters if there weren't danger of the first kid taking all of the candy. Secondly, because it was a really quick project and has inspired me to attempt to complete (or at least work on) a creative project each weekday. Third, because it is just one of a series of projects from my destroyed pillowcase, and I think you will enjoy seeing all of them in the days to come.

 If you want to make one of your own have a look at this pattern by Leisl . I think there is a printable pattern on there, but I just freehanded mine on a piece of packing paper. 

 Inside my extra long loop I put some braided string, just incase the old fabric would not stand up to the job.

This is the bag laid flat, before topstiching.

In action.

 The apartment clotheslines do not have hooks beside them, so Nathanael helped me devise a way to hang the bag from the clothesline itself. I think it's pretty nifty. I also plan to put a button on the back, to loop around for easier storage indoors, but I am still in search of the right button.


  1. Very neat. My current clothespin bag is too small (it holds only 5/6 of the clothespins I need), so I just asked my mom last week to sew me one for Christmas. You read my mind.

  2. Looks great. That print is lovely.
    Love that you reinforced the loop. Very smart. :)

  3. oooo sarah I love this I think I will make one!


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